Put your hands where I can see them...

Can you get more narcissistic than dedicating a part of the web to yourself and expecting people to read it... Ruairidh's the name, but doubtful that many of you will be able to pronounce that. So... it's Rory to the masses. I'm 22 and not very interesting :D

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Banana oatmeal (oats, oat milk, mashed banana) topped with more banana, peanut butter, cinnamon, pumpkin seeds and a drizzle of honey.
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Homemade vege pizza! yum! 
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Who needs a boyfriend when you have Fable ❤🎮

Memories of a happy youth! Ah Fable 3 how you disappointed me when compared to this. 


Ps rory. You were right and I was wrong. Veggie haggis is amazing. Like. Ugh. So delicious I can’t even.

God I can’t even state how much I love being right!!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone (:

Hope the turkeys, nut roasts, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pies were/are awesome. 

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chocolate chip whoopie pies with banana buttercream
click here for recipe

These look amazing. Just what my hangover wants. 

curled up in bed

pathetically hungover haha

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